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Holistic nutrition counselling Better performance with the right diet

Know the natural foods for muscle development, receive diet plans and recipes for reducing fat as well as valuable tips for a greater performance and better health.

What is your goal?

You can achieve your goals with a natural diet. What are you focussing on? Muscle development and/or body fat reduction?

Muscle development

In sports disciplines such as weightlifting, track and field, or in martial arts targeted muscle development is required. Foods with cooling qualities and sweet, salty and sour flavours have a tissue-structuring effect. They help you to build the required muscle when correctly combined and consumed at the right times during the day.

Body fat reduction

Low body fat percentage is important for long-distance runners, climbers and dancers. This tissue condition is supported by foods and spices with a spicy, bitter and tartly flavour that also have ‘heating’ qualities.

The optimal use of foods consumed is crucial for fulfilling your objectives. As part of my counselling I therefore focus on the development and maintenance of an efficient digestive process. The targeted use of foods and spices, prepared according to Ayurvedic principles, supports and promotes this.

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Nutrition counselling

It is aimed towards people who are active in sports, in their leisure time as well as in the high-performance area.

Laying out a diet follows a detailed discussion of the medical history. I create a personal diet for you under taking into account your state of health, digestion, sport, daily routine, yearly season, and other factors.

You receive

  • Lists with foods that are beneficial and those you should avoid
  • a menu that is specifically tailored to your needs
  • a number of recipes that you can easily prepare yourself
  • further tips for more energy, vitality and health

«Basic» package

  • Personal diet plan with foods table
  • Daily menu
  • Recipes
  • Tips

90 minutes · 350 Swiss francs

«Follow up» package

For follow-up consultations, to update or expand the diet plan

60 minutes · 160 Swiss francs

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Recipes Try it!

I will reveal to you my two favourite breakfast recipes for muscle development and body fat reduction. You can prepare them in a jiffy.